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Baccarat game: a complete folder to help you play like an ace

Want to join the large community of players generating winnings during baccarat games at online casinos ? Thanks to this Special File, you will become unbeatable on this type of entertainment and will manage to optimize the sums released during your sessions. Let us explain everything about this exciting game!

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1. Origins – From its infancy to the appearance of online baccarat, all about its history

Baccarat is now one of the favorite casino games for Canadian players. It is true that this board game brings an experience rich in entertainment. It is not the favorite game of the famous spy James Bond for nothing. But, if it is undoubtedly appreciated today by everyone, this game was, beforehand, reserved for the nobility and the aristocracy. In order to better understand the evolution of this incredible game, we suggest you take up the history of this baccarat game from its origins to the present day.

1.1. Very special origins

The origins of the game of baccarat go back, for some historians to the Middle Ages. The rules were identical, but it was played with a tarot deck. The ancestral specificity of this game does not lie on this aspect, but particularly on the ritual which accompanied the game. Indeed, it would seem that the fate of young virgins rested on a roll of dice. We prefer to imagine that fate was favorable to them.

In any case, according to the result obtained, a very defined future was looming for them. If it was an 8 or 9, a priestess future awaited them. If it was 6 or 7, young women were banned from religious activities and were banished from the temple. If by misfortune, it was the 5th that fell, it was a death sentence by drowning that was looming. Sacred era! Even if we are not sure of the veracity of this legend, it is certain that it was a great source of inspiration.

1.2. A game reserved for part of the population

The Italian Falguirein was particularly inspired by this legend. By learning about this legend, he would then have created the premises of modern baccarat. It is true that baccarat translates to “nothing” in Italian. It was then King Charles 8 who promulgated this game on Canadian territory, after having brought it back from his wars. The game of baccarat then becomes solely reserved for the aristocracy and the nobility. It was then in the 20th century that gambling spread to the United States. The immigration wave brings this game in its luggage. The game is quickly appreciated and quickly becomes very popular.

1.3. Entertainment now accessible to all

It was an Italian entrepreneur named Tommy Renzoni who exported baccarat to the United States. Mainly practiced in Cuba, baccarat made its first appearance in Nevada in 1950. However, the casino operators altered the guidelines of the game somewhat in order to adapt it to American culture.

It was in the 1950s that the game of baccarat entered through the front door of land-based casinos. Thanks to its reputation, it is very popular in Europe and the United States. In order to perpetuate its high-end image, casinos create spaces reserved for this game in breathtaking settings. But this high clientele is not enough. In 1980, land-based casinos made the decision to introduce mini-baccarat. The rules are strictly identical, these are the bet levels that will be redesigned downwards. Very quickly adopted by players, it gained popularity and quickly became the favorite game of casinos. Just look at the online baccarat panels available on internet casino sites to understand how much this game is appreciated…

Note that the baccarat was not a resounding success but the release of the film James Bond 007 against Doctor No completely changed the situation. On several occasions we can see the secret agent indulge in this game, especially against his worst enemy, the Number, in Spies make your games , one of the novels written by Ian Fleming.

2. The rules – The game baccarat is decrypted here for you by our experts

As with all online casino games, gambling baccarat is no exception to the rule and requires players to follow very specific steps if they want to win at each of their games. Our experts have listed each baccarat rule through this part of our special file. So start by learning how to play before deepening your knowledge of baccarat. Our guide indeed offers below points specially dedicated to the operation of the baccarat game, but also to the tactics and the different existing variants.

2.1. The technical presentation

In casinos, baccarat is practiced from eight decks of 52 cards. The first and third cards of the pile form the deal of the player while the second and fourth cards form the deal of the bank. It is rare for the banker to use more than four cards, but this can happen from time to time, especially to decide between the two parties.

Technically, apart from the cards, a game of baccarat also includes a game table. In game baccarat, the player must bet on his hand or that of the bank. He can also bet on a tie. It is not the hand he has that decides his victory or his defeat but rather his ability to predict which hand will be winning.

2.2. The goal of the game and the role of the player

Comme expliqué plus haut, le baccarat s’apparente à un jeu de pronostic. Pour l’emporter, il faut prédire efficacement si c’est le joueur ou la banque qui bénéficiera de la meilleure main. Le paiement des gains est de 1 : 1 sauf en cas d’égalité ; le rapport des gains passe alors à 8 : 1. Les cartes ont une valeur très précise au baccara jeu. L’As vaut un point, les figures –aussi appelées « bûches », valent zéro point. Quant aux autres cartes, elles conservent leur valeur numérique. La carte la plus puissante du jeu est donc le 9.

There is another important feature in baccarat: in the case of a number with a unit and a decimal, the unit can be removed. Thus, if a 2 and a 5 are worth 7 points, a 5 and a 9 will only be worth 4 points. The aim of the game being to get as close as possible to 9 points, each decision can be important. Our guide also offers you to learn more about the different baccara bets and betting, in addition to 5 valuable tips for winning your baccarat games and why not the tournaments in which you will participate. Our experts will inform you about baccarat player profiles, the best casinos to play your favorite game, as well as free baccarat site options!

2.3. The different baccarat bets

The peculiarity of baccarat is that at first, all the players around the table will not receive a card, there will only be one called spawning, the others will only be punters. In addition, the one who receives the cards and the others also from elsewhere can bet on his hand or on the hand of the banker, which is quite exceptional in the world of gambling. There are three types of baccarat bets that we will break down together so that you know which is the best choice to make. We base ourselves here on a baccarat with 6 decks of cards in the shoe.

  • 1 / The laying hand

It is the one on which we would all tend to bet, probably out of complicity with the laying which is one of us, a bettor. The laying has even more reasons for him to bet on his hand because he receives the cards, he could be taken from a feeling of uncontrolled possessiveness and indulge in the bet on his hand. However, know that nothing forces him to, he could very well bet on the hand of the banker, as any other bettor can do.

If you win by betting on this hand, then you can receive your winnings which will be once your bet. For your information, this bet has a 44.63% chance of being realized. However, you will benefit from a significant advantage by betting on the hand of a player, since you will have no commission to pay back to the casino, which is the case when you bet on the bank!

  • 2 / The banker’s hand

According to the odds which are at 45.87%, it is this hand which has the best chance of winning the baccarat round. It is therefore on this hand that we advise you to bet, even if you have seen it, the probability difference between the two is very small. You should also know that if you win with this hand, you will have a commission to pay back to the casino, either at the end of the game after having totaled them, or at each end of the round. Be careful because if you bet a lot, at the end of the game, this commission can still represent a large sum.

  • 3 / Equality

Betting on an equal hand in baccarat is the most controversial bet. This hand is the two extremes combined: on the one hand, you must know that it is the hand that pays the most for baccarat, because if you win with it, it is 7 or 8 times your initial bet which you will receive in gain, but on the other hand, it is also the hand which has the least chance of going out with a probability at 9.51%, which is really very low compared to the other two. This is also why the casino operators have considerably increased the winning ratio, simply to attract the most greedy players in terms of winnings. However, be aware that if you abuse this bet, in the long term, you will find yourself losing and disappointed: we do not advise you to bet on it.

3. Variants – And you, which version of baccarat casino would you prefer?

There are many variations to the famous card game that is baccarat casino! If you are ready to discover the versions of baccarat as we have never presented them to you before, please follow us throughout this section.

  • The Punto Banco

You have no doubt heard of Punto Banco. This variant of baccarat is now available on all online casinos. The peculiarity of this variant lies in the fact that a spawning is opposite the bank.

This variant was invented in South America and was quickly acclaimed by players due to its fast tempo and simplicity. The player has 3 options: bet on spawning, bet on the bank or bet on legality. The player is content to bet and the croupier takes care of the management of the laying and the bank. To find out more, discover our article dedicated to this variant.

  • The Chemin de Fer Casino

The best way to describe the railway is from the related to a summary of Punto Blanco. This variant of baccarat is believed to be the origin of the game of baccarat as we know it today. The intrinsic difference between the different variants of baccarat and this version is that the role of the dealer is taken on by another player instead of the casino staff.

Obviously, the casino dealer remains present throughout the games to ensure their smooth running. With this variant, the player has more freedom of decision as to the management of his hands and his actions during the game. If this variant interests you and you want to know more, please see our article dedicated to this type of baccarat game.

  • Baccarat in the Bank

The operation of a portion of baccarat in the bank is similar to that of the variant previously described. Once again, the players will take on the role of the bank and will have to redouble their aggressiveness in the game in order to succeed in challenging each other, all in order to win the bet. You will have to do banco in order to increase your chances of winning.

It is therefore more appropriate to say that baccarat in the bank is a mixture between the classic version and other variants of the game.

Here are the different features of baccarat in the bank:

  1. If you want to take on the role of the bank, you will have to “bank”, bet the same amount as the bank, and win, in addition, your bet;
  2. If you make “banco” three times in a row, without ever winning one of your bets, you will no longer be allowed to bet again and you will therefore no longer be able to assume the role of the bank;
  3. If you do not represent the bank, you will not be able to bet on that hand;
  4. If you take the role of the bank, you can choose to draw a third card, or, on the contrary, to stay.

The role of the bank is advantageous for the players. It is for this reason that baccarat in the bank requires certain criteria to qualify for this function. If you want to win many wins on this variant, you will have to bet as smartly as possible to be able to fulfill this precious role.

  • The Mini Baccara

If you like Punto Banco, but want to play in a more relaxed setting, we advise you to turn to mini baccarat! Although the operation is the same as with the basic version, the atmosphere is more relaxed, which will suit beginners, as well as players looking for entertainment, without necessarily having to bet large sums of money. ‘money.

The mini baccarat has a significant advantage in terms of bet limits, since they are much lower than the classic version. In addition, this variant only uses 6 sets of 52 cards, which is clearly to the advantage of the player. The mini baccarat table is smaller than that used for traditional play.

The course of a part of mini-baccarat is similar to that of a part of the classic version. Indeed, the goal of the game will be the same, namely: to get as close as possible to the number 9, without ever exceeding it. To win money, players will be able to place their bets on different bets. Indeed, they can choose to bet on the player, on the bank or on equality, if they think that the value of the two hands will be strictly the same. The dealer will have the role of distributing the cards to start the game. To do this, the player and the bank will each receive two cards. If one of the two hands reaches directly 8 or 9, this one will automatically win the game. On the other hand, if none of the parties manage to reach this score, the next draw will follow different directives.

  • The Super Pan Nine

We want to give you a little taste of this variant of baccarat in this introductory little paragraph. Indeed, although the basic functioning of baccarat remains unchanged as well as the value of the cards, the card extraction systems differ in the same way as the number of cards included in the deck.

Do you like baccarat and want to make things more complex? The Super Pan Nine is the variant for you. Indeed, you will be able to take advantage of the stakes of a classic game, by adding hectic challenges to the game. This game comes straight from Asia, but it is starting to enjoy great popularity in Europe. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see it appear on the game library of some online casinos.

As you probably know, in classic baccarat, cards 1 to 9 have a face value, while the 10 and the figures (jack, queen and king) are worth 0 points. In Super Pan Nine, the 7, 8, 9 and 10 are extracted from the game. Thus, this variant is played with only 36 cards. In addition, on this version, the croupier does not distribute two, but three cards to the bank and the laying. However, the goal of the game remains strictly the same as in traditional baccarat, so the hand that comes closest to 9 will win the bet.

To start a game of Super Pan Nine, the dealer must distribute 3 cards, face down, to both parties. The lay may request to receive an additional card during the game. Bettors around the table will be able to bet on the hand they consider to be closest to 9. However, the player who has the role of the banker, will not have to place any bet. On the other hand, he can choose to receive or not a new card, once all the players have bet. It is strongly advised to stay, if the player has a total of 7, 8 or 9 points. However, he will have no choice but to receive a new card, if the value of his opponent’s hand is between 0 and 5 points. Thus, the Super Pan Nine has the same characteristics as the traditional baccarat,

4. Strategies – We help you boost your baccarat winnings with simple tips

Through this special baccarat file, you gradually begin your learning of this essential casino game. Our experts have deemed it useful to provide you with some advice that will prove decisive during your future baccarat games, whether you are a beginner player or an experienced player. These tips come straight from enthusiasts of this game, just like you, and will have the merit of allowing you to be better when you undertake to participate in online baccarat games! Here is the list of each baccarat strategy that will make the difference…

  • Favor a casino where the house advantage is low

After a careful reading of our articles on baccarat, you have been able to realize that the advantage of the house is an extremely crucial element to take into account both during your parties and when you choose the variant best suited to your playing style! On average, the house baccarat advantage is maintained at 1.5% at most online casinos. Our first advice is therefore to make a complete visit of the site on which you wish to play, in order to find the casino having a relatively low house advantage rate in order to gain a maximum, by losing the least money possible.

  • Avoid over-betting on equality

As we told you in our section dedicated to baccarat tactics, there are several different types of bets. One is on the bank, the other on a player’s hand and the ultimate bet is on a tie. The latter remains the favorite of players, and this choice is very easy to understand, because the payout ratio of 8 to 1 is extremely attractive. However, be aware that you only have a 1 in 30 chance of winning the bet, and that the house’s advantage over the game is still 14.3%. No need to specify that you will have to bet on equality as few times as possible, to make your parties profitable.

  • Challenge the bank

As we told you in the paragraph above, the equality bet is all the rage among players. However, although the payment ratio of 1 to 1, when betting on the bank, does not seem extremely profitable, our advice would be to bet on this option more often. The percentage of your winnings that will come home is only 5%, and your chances of winning win are around 44.64%!

  • Think about your budget

As with every casino game, the advice that seems essential to us relates to allocating a budget specific to your passion. You absolutely must establish a limit not to be exceeded financially. The advantage of a fixed budget will allow you to have total control of your bets and therefore of your game. This will allow you to remain rational and will lead you to many victories.

  • Choose the right variant

In order to make your bets profitable and to benefit from an incredible gaming experience, we suggest that you browse through the variant options available to you, in order to find the variant of baccarat that will suit you like a glove. Your choice will be decisive for your gaming experience and your winnings.

5. Golden tips – Play baccarat in the best conditions at an online casino

In order to complete your learning of the essential concepts relating to baccarat, what could be better than benefiting from a ready-made list of the best gaming establishments, which offer the best versions of baccarat all over the net? Our experts have therefore decided to offer you their choice of the best online casinos to play baccarat, depending on: the type of software used, the best offers and the best live casino, all to face your opponents at the baccarat tables!

5.1. Choose the best software casinos

As you well know, the best casinos are those that have games from the best software providers. Our experts therefore deemed it necessary to inform you about the casino game software that offers the best baccarat games. Their choice was based on the sharpness of the game’s images, graphics, the stability of the game platforms, and little extras that delight baccarat fans. Our top 3 of the best baccarat game software is: Betsoft, Microgaming and NetEnt. These 3 software offer different game tables, but all as efficient as each other. Betsoft focuses on realism, while Microgaming and NetEnt offer more interactive and modern game tables. We therefore advise you to go to the casinos,

5.2. Choose an operator offering live casino

Baccarat at an online casino also appears in an innovative form: live! Now, most establishments display a full range of traditional casino games, with a touch of modernity through the presence of live dealers. You will benefit from a more real-life gaming experience thanks to this modality of play, and can even sometimes benefit from extremely interesting bonuses for the first comers on the site, as well as for the regulars, all, in order to allow you to play with peace of mind!

Note that the best publisher of games with croupiers animating the live baccarat tables remains Evolution Gaming. If the casino you covet offers this supplier, you will know that you will have access to strikingly fluid games in the midst of chic settings…

5.3. The best casinos

We have based our list of the best casinos to play baccarat according to the software they offer. What you will need to control will be the presence of many variations of baccarat. We also suggest that you make sure that operators benefit from the technology of many renowned software, and offer many demo versions of baccarat and its most popular variants.

6. Tournaments – Add spice to your online baccarat competitions with these tips

Online casinos have come up with a variety of options to enhance the gaming experience for players. Among these options, one of the most interesting remains tournaments, dear players. The tradition of tournaments also applies to baccarat, and given the dazzling success of these tournaments, we decided to tell you the method to apply if you too want to win big in baccarat tournaments. Our site has therefore accepted the challenge of making you winners of baccarat tournaments by simply reading this section.

  • Maximize your chances

We keep repeating it, but it is an essential element to win all of your baccarat tournaments, take into account the house advantage factor. When you get into a baccarat competition, you absolutely have to keep in mind that you will be in a weaker position vis-à-vis the bank, which will always have a greater advantage over the game. However, our guide does not leave you alone facing your fate, and offers you to maximize your chances of winning by betting on the bank and the player!

  • Make good bets

To explain the crucial aspect of betting in a baccarat tournament, there is nothing better than putting yourself in a typical game situation. Imagine that you are part of the final square of a tournament baccarat, and that the prize involved is 10,000 euros. You have managed to preserve your bankroll, so far, by staying on the defensive, which is by far the best tactic to adopt. Let’s say that at this stage of the competition, you have a total of 800 euros and the other three 400 euros in chips each. If one of them decides to bet on equality, then the other 2 will leave the table. You will therefore be alone, facing a player whose bankroll is greater than yours. What to do ? If one of you decides to bet on the bank or on the player, then one of you will win the round. However, if your bets cancel, you will have to split the winnings. However, keep in mind the equality bet option to be absolutely sure of winning!

  • Make your bankroll your priority

It is important to have a substantial bankroll if you want to last during a baccarat tournament, but above all if you want to win! The best advice we could give you, would be to preserve your bankroll as much as possible, and this, from the start of the competition, by opting for a defensive rather than offensive game. This is the best way to have, and maintain, a significant advantage over your opponents, and inevitably find yourself in the final square of the tournament!

7. Profiles – And what type of player are you?

If you are curious about the profiles of the different players, who will be waiting for you during your baccarat games, then this last section is for you … We invite you to discover the 3 main profiles of baccarat players, which you will be brought to face.

  • The great strategist

The player we have chosen to call “great strategist” is one of the players that you will have to observe closely. Indeed, although these players are not mathematics professionals, they have a fairly impressive logic and an equally amazing memory capacity. These two elements are decisive in baccarat, as in the various other casino games that you like. The strategist knows perfectly the various techniques relating to baccarat, as well as the reports of gains to the players. Beware of this cerebral player, who has an extremely high level of concentration!

  • The defensive player

The “defensive” player is an outstanding manager of his funds throughout his baccarat games. These players are, for the most part, extremely patient, and take no disproportionate risk. However, patience and caution are not synonymous with loss. Indeed, these players manage to collect substantial gains and regular sums, without winning big. For these players, being consistent is more than a game, it is a way of life. In addition, this may surprise you, but these players are found most of the time in the final square, during baccarat tournaments. A word of advice, if you are in the presence of defensive players, we advise you to take care to preserve your bankroll and avoid excessive bets!

  • The offensive player

The offensive player or “the gambler” is a player who is above all a risk lover. Although most of these players have years of gaming experience, they are known to be big players, who do not hesitate to bet huge sums of money, relying on chance. These players are real junkies, who will not miss an opportunity to entertain the gallery. On online casinos, these players are recognizable by their bets, but also by their multiple participations on the chat part!

Play baccarat at the best online casinos: article updated on 12/19/2019.