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Blackjack: the ultimate guide to playing online blackjack at the best casinos

Do you hate the bank? Put it on the tile playing blackjack! It’s simple: two cards, 21 points, and jackpot … You don’t know how to play it yet? No worries, Dear Readers, we are going to make you an AS of blackjack thanks to this interactive guide!

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  • 1. Presentation of the game
  • 2. How it works
  • 3. The tricks
  • 4. Training
  • +5. Find the best casino
  • 6. The advantages
  • 7. Demo mode
  • +8. History
  • 9. FAQ

1. Presentation of the game – All the data you need to know about blackjack 21

Blackjack is an ultra-popular game with Canadian players, so popular that it has even been readjusted by several gambling companies who quickly understood that they could make an incredible profit thanks to it. Also, blackjack 21 is on the cover of several scratch games (like FDJ blackjack) and is sometimes even the star of electronic games!

Blackjack is usually played with a 52-card deck. However, gradually, the gambling halls decided to abandon single deck blackjack and increase the number of cards in the shoe. Thus, in land-based casinos in the United States, 416-card clogs are used, in France 312-card clogs and in the United Kingdom 208-card clogs (find out more about these standards on the blackjack blackjack-france specialized site .net which is one of the best guides in France). As for the table used in blackjack, it has the following elements: the cash contains tokens used to pay the players. Only the dealer can use it. The discard rack is used to keep the blackjack cards already used during the game. Finally, the table consists of seven boxes in which users place their bets. If you wish to discover or rediscover the typical course of a game of blackjack in more depth, we invite you to read our article relating to each blackjack rule , or the one dedicated to the actions to lead to blackjack.

Bet on this card game, it is the insurance to combine adrenaline, reflection but also nice rewards. Know that online casino blackjack is a table game that can bring you much more benefits than a simple game of online roulette, craps, sic bo, keno, bingo, baccarat, video poker or still just a slot machine game. Indeed, by adopting the right blackjack tip, you will be able to increase your chances of winning. But on which online casino gaming sites is it possible to indulge in online blackjack? While you surely know the most famous platforms, such as Monsieur Vegas, Ruby Fortune, Lucky Nugget, Tropezia Palace, Spin Palace or Cresus Casino, we have selected 5 online casinos where blackjack is the king of games of chance … With maybe a few surprises!

2. How it works – Finally learn to play blackjack like a pro by crushing the dealer

Let’s start immediately with the basics: how blackjack works. A game of blackjack pits a player against a dealer, a worthy representative of the bank. The object of the game is not to exceed the sum of 21 points. If the online blackjack player ever exceeds this value in his hand, he is considered to “jump”: he thus loses his initial bet. In blackjack, cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 retain their numerical value. The figures (King, Lady, Jack) are worth 10 points. Finally, the AS is equivalent to one or eleven points to choose from. At the start of the game, the dealer issues a face-up card to the player, then draws a second face-down card reserved for him. Another face-up card is then drawn for both sides. The game ends with the comparison of the dealer and the player’s hands.blackjack strategy to improve its return on investment. Even the basic technique is to be learned, it will certainly bring you more than slot machines! All the subtlety is in the first cards you receive, but not only. We will indeed also treat on our site elements such as hi low or even the fact of counting blackjack cards , and will help you to use the different tactics with brilliance on the casinos.

3. The tricks – Take it to the next level to win even more in blackjack games

Fifty years ago, an American mathematician became interested in blackjack. After studying and observing thousands of hands, he concluded that based on your hand and the dealer’s visible card, which we don’t forget, represents the bank, you can make an action decision, regarding your initial bet, which will be very favorable. All the possible situations in blackjack between the first two cards of the player and the visible card of the croupier, this mathematician has listed them in a blackjack table called the basic tactics table.

To be able to operate the basic blackjack tactics, you will first have to be an observer. It is necessary that at the first glance, you have located the card of the croupier which interests you and analyzed your hand made up of the two cards which you will have received during the distribution. Then, you have to memorize the blackjack table that appears below, you can download it for free to take it everywhere with you. This is the table that shows all the decisions, around your bet, depending on the situation, that the mathematician created.

Do not hesitate to perfect your knowledge of blackjack by watching each blackjack film listed in this article, or by reading the books of renowned players / mathematicians like Ken Uston or Edward O. Thorp.

4. Training – Before you get into blackjack, take the time to perfect your game

Blackjack players don’t have to dream it because they can make it happen. Indeed, this table game, very popular in the world of gambling, whether in online casinos or in land-based casinos, is one of the only casino games where the player will be able to reverse the trend. It’s not that easy, you can be sure, but by hard work and training, you too can do it, as do thousands of blackjack casino players around the world. So do you want to try your hand at different blackjack games? Do you already know how the game works by heart? So if so, you are ready to take your first “blackjack tactics course” which will cover the basic technique, the first to be applied as the name suggests.

To sum up, a good blackjack tactic is therefore to make the right decision concerning the actions to be carried out, based on your initial hand and what you can see from the dealer’s game. Whether you are playing in a land-based casino or flash blackjack on an online gambling site, these tips will always be valid and will help you win the hand against the house. Blackjack and winnings by the thousands will go hand in hand very quickly if you follow our tips, you will see. You can find below a video that will make you the master of the game.

We advise you to get started in online casinos by creating a player account on one of the best online blackjack sites, but playing in “fun” mode, that is to say without playing your money, but just for fun. This will allow you to acquire reflexes and fully understand how the basic tactics are articulated. Then, when you are more confident and manage to control the decisions to be made based on the total amount of points obtained in the draw, you can then try your hand in the part of blackjack casino in “real” mode, then finally live to check yourself the effects of this technique. Be aware that you can find in these famous platforms of live table games, poker, roulette and much more.

It is only after having complete mastery of this blackjack technique that you can move on to learning an even more profitable trick for you, that which will consist in anticipating the strength of the cards remaining in the deck, and d ‘act accordingly.

5. Find the best casino – Which online blackjack establishment in France to favor?

Now let’s take a step of paramount importance: that of identifying the online blackjack casino that has your favorite game, and that presents the best graphics and game options in blackjack. So we went in search of the best establishments, which we will present to you, as well as the reasons for which we chose them.


5.1 The best choice of variants

Blackjack is a game of money so popular all over the world, that it very quickly declined in a multitude of variants. Indeed, the choice of online blackjack games is absolutely colossal, and extremely varied. Some of them are played in specific corners of the globe, while others offer additional bets to try to win even more wins. Among this substantial choice, it can be very difficult to navigate, especially if you are a beginner player. Our mission is therefore to support you so that you can find your favorite variant. To do this, in the detour of this article, you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of various versions of blackjack. Know how to find the one that will best suit your budget and your desires.

Before choosing your variant, you must take into account the amount of your capital. Indeed, some players like to bet big, while others, more cautious, bet smaller amounts. It is important to know that the various variants of blackjack offer very different betting limits. Indeed, some of them will delight “big players”, in particular, those offering secondary bets like red / black blackjack, spanish 21, progressive blackjack, or even the royal match. Take the time necessary to discover the specifics of these different variants, in order to find the right shoe.

Our favorite casino in this area?The best online casino of the moment to play blackjack is undoubtedly Tropezia Palace, which offers fans of this famous card game, no less than 16 different variants to try. The casino offers the most interesting variants, among which: 21 Burn Blackjack, American Blackjack, European Blackjack, Pirate 21 Blackjack, Pontoon,… In addition to offering extremely interesting variants of blackjack, Tropezia Palace offers also advises players on learning the game and keeps them up to date on the house advantage for each variant. Tropezia Palace also ranks second in our Top 10 best casinos for Canadian players,


5.2 The best tournament organizers

Online blackjack France is a resounding success with all players. You will therefore not be surprised to learn that more and more players are embracing this game, and in particular the online blackjack tournaments organized by the operators. Most online blackjack tournaments are eliminatory, and only the best players manage to reach the various stages of the competition.

Our favorite casino in this area? If you are interested in online blackjack tournaments, we suggest that you visit the casino site Jackpot City without further delay. Most of the blackjack tournaments offered by the casino are open to everyone, without entry fees, and with prize pools ranging from 5 to 150 euros. Jackpot City casino offers players three types of tournament: Blackjack Attack Q2, Blackjack Attack Q3 and Blackjack Attack Final. So you know what you have to do, arm yourself with your best winning techniques and go to the Jackpot City site so that you can apply them!


5.3 The best live casinos

True blackjack, however, is only for a certain range of players, including one who likes one-on-one duels. Indeed, this is how blackjack, in land-based casinos as in online casinos, is played since it opposes a bettor to a dealer. Moreover, the option allowing you to have fun on ” blackjack live ” present on many online gaming sites, guarantees you a total immersion by playing in front of a real dealer.

Any self-respecting blackjack site will offer to play online blackjack games via a live modality. This game mode therefore offers you the opportunity to measure yourself against a real dealer. The dealer is filmed in real time and plays against you as if you were in a land-based casino. Note that some online casinos even broadcast games that are shot, not from studios, but within the confines of real casinos. You will therefore play in the most beautiful casinos in Europe without moving!

This game mode – adding adrenaline to the game – is the best option for having the casino experience wherever and whenever you want. Do not hesitate to chat with the dealer thanks to the chat set up. If this gaming option excites you, do not hesitate to consult our TOP 5 of the best online casinos on which this modality is available. It seems that you just have to go play the cards of your destiny and perhaps receive a shower of chips.

Our favorite casino in this area?Our favorite casino offering this option, we owe it to Casino Extra! Indeed, this operator is also riding the wave of live casinos, which allow players to face real croupiers. Casino Extra has a special feature that has charmed us. If some online establishments offer croupiers filmed in the studio, Casino Extra has taken realism a step further, by offering its players to play in front of croupiers filmed in a real land-based casino in Ireland. In addition to the dazzling graphics, the Casino Extra blackjack games are simply impressive, and will keep you entertained. Whether you want to experience this type of modality or try your luck at winning big online blackjack,

6. The benefits – Why is online blackjack recommended? Our answer

If you are one of those players who want to break the bank, you should know that blackjack on the internet is much more interesting financially speaking. Indeed, while the casino sites offer you demo games to progress, they are also very numerous to offer you bonuses. The best online casinos even offer several blackjack tables in real time and offer nice welcome bonuses. Thanks to these attractive promotions, you will increase your chances of winning in your blackjack games (or any other games). From the welcome offer to the win multiplier, to additional chips, everything is good for playing blackjack calmly. In addition, do not hesitate to become a member of a VIP club, which can open the doors to other variants of the game,

In addition, if you like blackjack, you will definitely love other online casino games! Indeed, the best platforms suggest exceptional selections of flash games, that is to say, without download, which are generally 3D games with extraordinary graphics and breathtaking design. Therefore, in addition to flash blackjack, why not bet your money on a casino slot, on a game of baccarat, on a round of American roulette or on a game of online poker (like Texas Hold Em, Stud Poker or cash game)?

The best game publishers like Yggdrasil, Microgaming, NetEnt, NextGen, Play’N Go, BetSoft, 1X2 Gaming and Playtech invite you to win the online jackpot on all games, including slot machine games. We suggest for example, playing and betting money online on a slot machine like: Enchanted Mermaid ™, Ghost Pirates ™, Aztec Princess ™, or Gonzo Quest’s ™.

7. Demo mode – Before real money online blackjack, try your hand at our test games

As we said above, in order to try all these tips, why not go to the blackjack games in demo version? This is one of the advantages of playing blackjack at an online casino. It is, in fact, possible to draw cards without paying, either in fun mode on a gaming site, or by choosing an online blackjack game on our site. And yes, here you can find the best blackjack games on the net without having to deposit or register to start a game. Certainly, if you play online blackjack via this fantastic version, you will neither be able to make real money bets, nor win any winnings…

You will say to us: “What is the advantage of this game option allowing you to play without spending, all right, but via which you cannot win money? ” You will be surprised, Dear Readers, but this is a tip that can bring you big money later. Are you going to immediately start a sports competition when you are just starting to learn to play football? Are you going to participate in Master Chef when you have just discovered the joys of cooking? Obviously not!

In the world of online casino, it’s exactly the same thing. Before entering the world of winnings, jackpots and money in general, you need some training. The advantage of Gambling on the net – among many other points – is that there is a demo version of all existing games.

The assurance of a healthy, enjoyable and profitable game? Reading articles, tactics, tips and putting them into practice – via these test games – we were talking about. If certain gambling games require very little knowledge, having fun in online blackjack cannot be improvised. You can therefore count on the many fictitious tables and then switch to real mode on paid blackjack games, when you feel ready. The more you train, the more you will earn your place among the best players online. Read, practice, ask the right questions, and play blackjack like a card master.

8. History – From its birth to the form of online blackjack, the journey of this crazy game

Have you ever wondered, playing a game: “Who had the idea for this great entertainment?” ” Very often, the games are difficult to locate precisely in space and time, because many similar games were resumed, reworked, exported, readapted. Finally, it happens that after a few centuries they no longer resemble the original version at all. Like many casino games, blackjack has not stolen its mysterious reputation. Let’s retrace its history together.

Date of birth: unknown. Name: 31

Blackjack is one of those games where no one really knows how it was invented. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a genius, one day, who takes a deck of cards and who decrees that it is necessary to reach a certain number of points with the least possible cards. The game seems to have been inspired by several sources to gradually become the 31. Some people place his birth between the 13 and the 14th century, a member of the Italian clergy left writings that would relate to the rules of this game. But the real proofs of its existence are finally brought and confirmed only in the 15th century. It is at this moment that we are sure that blackjack then bears the sober name of “31”, of its operation which consists in reaching this number with only three cards. Easy, isn’t it?

The great flamboyant era of the Renaissance gradually imposed itself in Italy, then in France. As everyone knows, this prosperous period was a real cultural and commercial gateway between France and Italy. It was during these years that the Treintuno, translated as “thirty-one” in F, entered the territory of Canada I. A famous and contemporary writer, originally from Chinon, Canada Rabelais, recounts in his now cult work Gargantua and Pentagruel the adventures of a giant who precisely engages with passion in this game.

Then, as at all times, everything changes very quickly, the rules are modified, discussed, refined and the Canadian choose to officially adopt the 31, which they rename 21. As you guessed, it is no longer 31 points to aim for, but ten less now! History making things right, the American revolution of the XVIII exports on the 21st towards the United States.

How did history make 21 the black jack?

The Americans, delighted with this “exotic” game, take it in their turn by reshaping the functioning of a game and forging it in their image. The updates have nothing to do with the original treintuno. To promote this newcomer to the lands of Uncle Sam, casinos are inventing bonuses so that players get to know him. This bonus is important in the history of the 21st, because that is what gave the game its final name. The lucky winner of this promotion was the person who obtained a jack of spades and an ace on the first two cards dealt. It is therefore natural that the jack of spades has become the card most coveted by players trying their luck. In English Jack of Spades, quickly became the “Black Jack”, or black jack who stayed. Today,

The evolution of blackjack does not stop there! In the 1960s, a tactic emerged, its inventor argued that it was possible to win fortunes in blackjack by counting the number of cards remaining in the deck. If you were good at math, chances were you would become a millionaire. Of course, the technique has globalized and has come to the ears of casinos which have remedied this flaw by including several decks in the game to muddy the waters. Also, to avoid any complicity of the croupier, one installs in the rooms of the distributors of automatic cards. This allows, in addition to saving time, to play more games, therefore garner more funds, to the officiating croupiers.

9. FAQ – To know everything about the game of online blackjack

🔎 What are the best casinos to play Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most popular games at online casinos. Thus, you will find this game on most platforms. However, we recommend reliable casinos such as Cresus Casino, Wild Sultan or Casino Extra.

🔎 How to try to win online blackjack?

It is not easy to win blackjack but you can optimize your chances by first reading our rules of the game. Thereafter, there are strategies that you can implement and even test on free games.

🔎 Why play blackjack online?

Blackjack at online casinos allows you to play without having to travel to a land establishment. What’s more, it’s much easier to develop techniques behind your computer.


Guide to playing blackjack at the best online casinos updated on 01/27/2020.

Player ratings: 9.9 / 10.

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