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Online Roulette: Guide to Playing Roulette at the Best Casinos in 2020

Roulette is a classic of land-based casinos and has offered a second youth online. Symbol of glamor and prestige, this game fascinates players around the world and can pay big, if you know how to do it; here is the essential guide to come out victorious.

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  • +1. The origins
  • +2. The rules
  • 3. Variants
  • 4. The strategies
  • 5. Free games
  • 6. Live Roulette
  • 7. Culture point
  • 8. Profiles
  • 9. FAQ

1. Origins – How did roulette come about and how did it evolve in online roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance operated by land-based casinos since 1860 and later by online casinos. Many inventors have looked into his case and have tried to improve it over the ages. Here is a summary of the history of the Queen of casinos:

1.1 The beginnings – The origins of roulette follow different versions regarding the history of the game

First of all, know that roulette is an entertainment very similar to that of the ball – which is also called small roulette and which is practiced using a cylindrical plate comprising nine numbers.

The geographic origins of roulette are uncertain. However, historians confirm that this game is old. For some, the game dates from the Middle Ages. At that time, a Canadian monk, bored firmly, would have had the great idea of ​​inventing the game of roulette in order to break his daily monotony.

Others believed that the game of roulette came from China and that members of the clergy brought it with them from travel. For those of the last school, they claim that this game actually dates from Ancient Rome. Soldiers wanted to find an occupation and invented this game of chance from a chariot wheel.

We also hear that roulette was probably created in the 17th century somewhere in Italy. The red and black numbers only saw the light of day in the 18th century, following several innovations.

However, modern roulette has existed precisely since the 18th century. It is to the philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal that we owe this remarkable invention although other men contributed to its development and improvement. After much research, he decided to make a perpetual motion machine. The author of Pensées does not reach the end of his project, but gives birth to current roulette.

You will understand, it is risky to specifically date the beginnings of this game of chance.

1.2 Introduction to casinos – The roulette game has undergone a chaotic journey to reach the casino

In 1842, the White brothers voluntarily removed the double zero box to create the Canadian version of roulette. The writer Dostoyevsky was a fervent admirer of this game but would have lost all his fortune there. From his annoyance was born the novel “The Player”. Roulette was first introduced to a casino in Monte Carlo in 1860.

In parallel, the game of roulette was found in the United States at the end of the 19th century. Immigrants of Canadian origin brought it in their luggage. The game spreads like wildfire. And faced with this success, casinos detect the potential of this game of chance and decide to offer it.

1.3 Modifications – A trip that ends with the modification of the roulette table in the United States

In order to further maximize their profits, the casinos decide to add the “00” box. From that moment, the game was a resounding success on the Mississippi River. However, success always results in a downside. The game arouses curiosity and brings with it its share of cheaters.

To compensate for these losses, casinos are rethinking the configuration of the roulette table and positioning it at the end of the table, near the dealer. The number grid is redesigned to facilitate the placement of bets. These changes allow us to distinguish American roulette from European roulette as we go along.

1.4 Variant 2.0 – Online roulette makes its appearance in contemporary times and changes the game

It was then in the 1990s that the game experienced its last upheaval. The Internet is starting to expand and the game provider Microgaming has a great idea. In 1995, he decided to create the first online casino site Gaming Club and offered online roulette.

So, since 2000, several online casinos have been operating this absolutely wonderful online roulette game. The game of roulette was quickly adopted and quickly became the favorite game for players. Today, the game of roulette is one of the most popular.

2. The Rules – What You Need To Know To Start Playing Casino Roulette Games?

The rules are an essential element to take into account when you want to play, but especially win casino roulette games. Here is some information that will always be useful to you:

2.1 Technical presentation – Familiarize yourself with the roulette mat before learning the roulette rule

Roulette, online or in a land-based casino, is made up of various essential elements.

Among the main ones, there is a turntable incorporated in a small tank generally made from wood. Note the presence of small brass slots throughout the cylinder, which are intended to make the prints completely unpredictable. Between thirty-seven and thirty-eight numbered boxes colored in red, black or green are represented, the cylinder alternating each time between the red and black boxes.

Note that the total sum of each number is equal to 666, the number of the Devil according to the Bible. This fact is not trivial and roulette received a very bad reception because of this detail in its beginnings. A small ball and a play mat are also used for roulette.

There are several variants of roulette with a specific roulette rule for each and whose roulette table is different for each version.

2.2 Aim of the game and role of the player – Learn to place your initial bet and follow the roulette dealer

The object of roulette is to bet on numbers, groups or series of numbers represented by geographic areas on a carpet. Once the sum bet and placed on the desired location, the dealer proceeds to throw the ball which will determine what is the number or color drawn.

Note that a game of roulette is divided into several advertisements. The croupier often speaks with the blows of “place your bets, nothing goes, I check the bet of … etc”.

Several types of bets are available at roulette: even / odd, pass / miss, color and much more.

3. Variants – Whether playing online or land-based roulette games, there are many types

As you should know, roulette is a large family of games broken down into various variations of online roulette games. You should know that each variant of the game has its specifics, with its own rules and bets.

The advantage of online roulette games is that they allow you to change in one click of variant. You can then have fun and alternate between:

  • The Roulette
  • The American Roulette
  • The Canadian Roulette

Also note that online gambling sites offer other lesser-known variants such as Mexican roulette for example. You now know that when you click on the “play roulette online” icon, you have a world of possibilities!

4. Strategies – Play Roulette Like The Best Through Professional Gaming Strategies

There are two different ways to play roulette: fun and money-making. So, those who decide to play roulette online for money like to follow a roulette strategy .

Remember that there is no single method of playing roulette, but dozens of different techniques. Thus, it is possible for any player to test one of the many martingales on an online roulette game. The roulette martingale is the largest family of playing techniques for roulette; they are generally based on logical facts and / or mathematical probabilities.

5. Free games – Can you play roulette games online without spending your money?

We guess that at this point you certainly want to test this famous online roulette Canada. Here is a section that should interest you: free games. We will inform you about the possibility of playing roulette games online without spending your money.

How is it possible ? Thanks to the free demo version of casino games. Online casino providers do offer a trial version of their paid games so players can get an idea of ​​the features.

We should also point out that bonuses are an additional chance to play free roulette. Indeed, online casinos offer you a few euros following your registration to welcome you. So you play – sort of – for free.

We invite you to take advantage of the free roulette games and take the opportunity to test your knowledge and strategies before going into paid mode.

6. Live casino – Play live at “online roulette casino” against a real dealer

On online gaming sites, you will often find a tab “casino roulette online” in live mode. Indeed, live casino is a game mode that has become very popular in recent times. Perhaps you are wondering why?

The live roulette is nothing more or less, that parts of classic roulette games, with the difference that these games are played as they are animated by a real casino dealer and transmitted in real time on your screens through webcams.

Live roulette appeals to both younger players and those nostalgic for the land-based casino, who find a certain atmosphere somewhat lost with online gaming.

7. The culture point – The “roulette casino”, the great Queen of casinos but not only

The game of roulette is legendary. It is not for nothing that it is one of the essentials of online casino sites. When we think of this game, we imagine these great American films directly with the protagonist winning each time. Roulette casino is part of the posterity by being illustrated in the biggest movies of Hollywood of which here is a selection below:

  • Toy Story 3 : roulette is subtly enhanced thanks to… Toys! We are of course talking about Toy Story 3, if you haven’t seen it yet, go quickly and watch it, it’s worth the detour! In addition, the next installment is coming out in 2018, so don’t delay on the saga. The roulette present in the new adventures of Buzz and Woody is very fun, and loses all of its sexy and mysterious image, you will see!
  • Casablanca : The film Casablanca tells of an episode of war little known to the general public: that of the journey of refugees and the difficulties of exiling far from the conflict. Roulette, in this film, plays an important role, since the prize to be won is a precious sesame to leave the territories ravaged by War.
  • Le Croupier : a real casino player must have seen Le Croupier, which illustrates behind the scenes of a casino. Clive Owen plays the role of a writer out of inspiration who decides to discover the flashy universe of casinos. As you can imagine, everything will not be rosy…
  • Lost in America : a young couple leaving work and home to drive across the United States only, nothing will happen as planned! Lacking savings, they play their last few dollars at roulette, and you will see that these lovebirds are not that different from other players when it comes to playing for money! So, are Brooke and David going to make it? It’s up to you to find out.

8. Profiles – Who are the players you will face during online roulette casino games?

Although it is essential to master the rules and strategies of the game of roulette to ensure that you accumulate winnings, it is also important to know more about the identity, or rather the typical profiles, of players. roulette with which you will be surrounded during your games, both in land-based casinos and on their virtual counterparts on “online casino roulette” games. We help you pinpoint your online casino roulette opponent in seconds:

  • The player :He is recognized by the gaming community for being a real show-man. Most of the players are celebrities who have some knowledge of the game, but who play above all to amuse the gallery.
  • The Big Player :Whether in online casinos or in land-based casinos, be aware that Big Players are everywhere, and their main characteristic, remains their tendency to bet huge sums of money without worrying about the issue of part. Big player is bent on betting large sums of money to destabilize his opponents, while hoping to win larger sums of money.
  • The bluffer :The bluffer is nothing but a crook! Juggling deceit and dishonesty, the bluffers perfectly master the workings of the game, and they are likely to pass in your eyes for real aces of roulette. Roulette experts, they are!
  • The observer :On the one hand, we all go through the observation phase. We will therefore all, at one time or another of our experience on online casino games, have been so-called observer players. These favor the observation of the actions of the game and of the players around the table in order to be able to adapt their game there.

Unbeatable on online roulette? We do not doubt it; we want to make you a champion. Do you feel ready to challenge the dealer? It’s up to you !

9. FAQ – All you need to know to be an online roulette expert

⭐ How to play roulette well?

In order to better play roulette, we advise you to master the rules of the game well. We therefore offer you an article on the progress of the game, the bets, but also the probability of winning depending on the bets you place. Follow the guide on our site.

🔎 How to try to win online roulette?

There are strategies you can put in place (you can even test them on our free roulette games). For example, it is interesting to use certain methods such as martingale, or the theory of d’Alembert or Piquemouche. We explain everything on our site.

🥇 Where to play roulette online?

Roulette is one of the most popular games at online casinos. Thus, you will find the Queen of Casino on almost all gaming operators. So consult our reviews to learn more about online casinos, but we recommend for example: Cresus Casino, Wild Sultan, Casino Extra.

Best Online Casinos to Play Roulette – List updated on 01/27/2020.
Player rating: 9.8 / 10.