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Video poker: the explosive 2-in-1 game for super lucrative moments

Video poker is the result of a mix between the rules of poker and the operation of a slot machine, the two most popular games in the history of gaming . Besides, how about becoming a real expert on the subject? Welcome to our video poker guide!

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  • +1. The origins
  • +2. The rules
  • +3. Variants
  • +4. Strategies
  • 5. The golden tricks
  • +6. The lucrative “extras”
  • +7. Tournaments
  • +8. The essentials
  • +9. The advantages
  • 10. Profiles – Quiz

1. Origins – How was Canadian video poker born? The story of a game with a tumultuous past

One could easily believe that video poker, now playable on electronic machines and online, appeared on the iGaming market not so long ago. However, its origins date back to the 20th century. Do you find it hard to imagine being able to play video poker without a screen? How were we doing at the time? We have solved the mystery for you:

1.1. Slot machine + Poker = Video poker? A brilliant equation that gave Canada video poker

The very first video poker machines were born in 1970: did you suspect that video poker games were not colorful or even electronic at the time? Yes, they were mechanical games, not very glamorous – it must be admitted – whose winnings were not always paid or was, but in treats!

These are two American engineers who are at the origin of the game in its beginnings: a device distributes cards randomly, mechanically (using a lever and some reels). The player chooses to keep the most advantageous and is dealt a second round of cards to complete his own in order to obtain winning combinations.

If video poker had found a certain audience which was not playing in an interested way at that time, we cannot say that everything was put in place to ensure the success of the game from its very beginnings…

1.2. Despite difficult beginnings, video poker in Canada is now a star who goes up, goes up, goes up…

Average lucrative aspect, light promotion and not very well mastered, but also the rise of its colleague – the very popular (and remunerative) slot machine game: Canadian video poker will take time to take center stage. The battle is long, but in 1970, a rapid technological evolution is useful in all the sectors and that of the game is not to be outdone: we speak about the rise of electronics and data processing. It didn’t take long before the first electronic video poker models were released. The idea? Combine video poker machines with television screens: a successful first bet with the release of online poker machine games.

Finally, the true “propellant” of video poker became known: in 1979, the company SIRCOMA – former International Game Technology, launched the game of Draw Poker ™. Thanks to some additional developments (such as the addition of new variants) but also the breathlessness of the novelty effect of slot machines, video poker finally meets its audience and seduces players around the world. The latter invades casinos and seduces discreet players, stressed by the fervor that reigns around the gaming tables.

Obviously, the heyday of the internet and online gaming sites a few years later brought new life to the casino poker machine game. Today, very popular on the net thanks to constant developments and innovations, video poker is at its peak … and still has a bright future ahead of it!

2. The rules – Quick and easy learning, one of the great strengths of video poker

Video poker concretely, késako? Game of chance allowing you to play with the spirit of poker against a machine, the latter very similarly resembles penguin bandits. Even today, if you go to a land-based casino, you will find it difficult to differentiate a slot machine from a video poker machine. But beware, despite its resemblance to the slot game or that of poker, the operation of video poker is specific. And who says new game, says new rules … to know:

2.1. Quiz – Do you really know how to differentiate a slot from a video poker machine in a casino?

As we mentioned, a traditional video poker machine is very similar to a slot machine in casinos. Behind the metal dial, you find the heart of the “casino poker machine” which is called “random number generator”: the latter allows players to enjoy a fair draw at each game. Below the screen – which highlights the cards of poker, there is a keyboard traversed by various buttons which allows the users to select the actions of their choice. A slot also allows you to insert coins and tokens while a container is positioned at the bottom of the machine to help players recover their possible winnings.

2.2. What is the purpose of the video poker game? Are there big differences with poker? The slots?

Win against the artificial intelligence that controls the machine: this is the goal of video poker. To do this, the player must try to accumulate a maximum of winning hands. At the start of the game, the player places a starting bet and will receive five cards. The player has the option to keep them or exchange them for other cards:

  • 1. If the player’s hand is more powerful than that of the computer, he wins the game.
  • 2. If he loses the game, he must abandon all of the bets already put in play.

2.3. To teach you how to play video poker, what could be better than a false detailed game?

To explain the rules of video poker simply, we have decided to describe you step by step a typical game (fictitious player – Mr X):

  • Mr X makes a bet, that is to say he determines the amount he will play in this game.
  • Mr X clicks on the “deal”, the cards are dealt: he receives 5.
  • After having read his cards, Mr X spots potential hands. The playable combinations, we remind you, are directly inspired by poker. Also, the user who already has experience in this card game will have an indisputable advantage in video poker, which can be considered as a simplified version of poker (possible combinations below).
  • Choice: Mr X can either keep his hand or exchange the cards of his choice.
  • Mr X wants to exchange 3 of 5 cards, so he receives 3 more. He therefore builds the combination that he can and receives earnings accordingly. The stronger the combination, the greater the gains.

3. Variants – Before clicking on “play video poker”, discover its different facets

Do you want to explore video poker variants? Excellent news because you will have a choice! Jacks or Better, Flush Plus, Joker Poker, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild or even Bonus Poker, to name only the main ones, online video poker has many – many – facets! But beware, you will have to make the right choice when the time comes to bet: it will have to adapt to your way of playing and the techniques you master, in order to make the most of it.

3.1. Quizz – What are the 5 most popular and preferred video poker variants to date?

  • The Jacks or Better in a few words: to register gains during a game of Jacks or Better, you must present a pair of valet or better.
  • The Ten or Better in a few words: it is exactly the same rules as in Jacks or Better except that in Ten or Better, the minimum combination requested is a pair of 10.
  • The Deuces Wild in a few words: the four “2” will play a primordial role, that of de Joker. You understand that it is rather easy to make a combination in Deuces Wild, so much so that the casino operators require a set to be able to enter the table of gains.
  • Joker Poker in a nutshell: Joker Poker is a variant that will allow you to insert an additional card into the game – the joker of course, which will take the place of any card if you have it in your game.
  • Aces and Faces in a few words: if you manage to combine combinations of figures, you will be able to claim remuneration much higher than the average, especially for the squares.

3.2. Each video poker variant has its own strategy: we will help you choose it well

When you are at your online casino looking for a variant, before clicking on “play video poker”, you will need:

  • Discover the payment tables of the different versions of the game: these are not the same, depending on the virtual gaming establishment.
  • Choose a variant corresponding to your budget: once the amount of your bankroll has been established, select a variant with wagering limits adapted to it.
  • Also adapt your choice according to your knowledge: favor the simplest variants at the start, those which allow players to win gains thanks to very simple combinations and which are… guess?

3.3. Focus on Jacks or Better: the simplest variant of video poker – try it first

Here is the most played variant in all casinos! Know that Jacks or Better is also the basis of many variations of video poker. The rules of the game are simple and scrupulously follow what we have communicated to you in the paragraph “rules of the game”. To win, a pair of valets or better will be enough: nothing very complicated! With a very satisfactory payout rate (up to 99.5%), very simple rules and winnings that can go up quickly, this variant of video poker proves to be ideal for players who are just starting out.

3.4. Zoom on Deuces Wild: the most lucrative variant of video poker – to consume without moderation

In second place in the ranking of the simplest, popular and lucrative video poker variants (up to 98.91%), we call… Deuces Wild . Most similar to iSlots – especially thanks to Jokers, known as Wild in English used on slot machines -, we quickly understand why this variant is one of the most popular on the net.

4. Strategies – Is there really a video poker strategy to maximize your winnings? YES !

How to improve your chances of winning video poker, a game that is completely managed by a computer? Random number generator, computer software used, commission deducted (house advantage): victory in this casino game seems impossible! However, Best Canadian Online Casino has gathered tricks in the form of a “video poker strategy” that will allow you to increase the chances of winning:

4.1. The use of a video poker rising or martingale: a proven technique

One of the “video poker strategies” that the player can use is to use a rising or martingale. If martingales are generally used in the context of roulette, one can also exploit their potential in video poker. Rising or martingales will indeed be precious during a delicate financial situation during the game. For example, by voluntarily betting, the player can – in the event of a winning bet, make up for lost time and recover the money lost. The interest of martingales consists in increasing the amount of the stake of the player to allow him to win a lot, and thus help him to bridge the gap. At the same time, when the player has found a comfortable financial situation, he will have to reduce the amount of his stake in order to avoid any risk of losing money.

4.2. The use of math and video poker statistics: nothing complicated, see our table

Another video poker strategy? As with any casino game, statistics are available for video poker: they guide the player in relation to the choices he should make. Mathematically, some bets, numbers or combinations tend to pay more than other casino games. Below you will find a table that you can rely on at any time. It shows the average amounts that a player can win in video poker according to the number of coins put into play and the combinations won:

5. Golden tips – Here are 4 exclusive tips for winning and having fun at the videopoker for sure

Video poker can be a very interesting money game for players looking for winnings. Even if the value of the cards, which will be dealt during the game, is a matter of chance, players will have the opportunity to take advantage of winning combinations by respecting some sacrosanct rules. So stop typing on your search engine “casino poker machine how to win?” », We are giving you 4 golden tips to keep in mind to maximize your chances of winning the video poker jackpot:

  • 1. The right game, you will chooseBefore you start, you will have to browse the game library of your online casino to select your game. Take the time necessary to select the game that will pay you off: some variants of the game offer very different advantages.
  • 2. Your capital, you will defineBefore starting, it is absolutely essential to define your capital, to the nearest penny. Once you have passed this stage, you will have to respect, whatever the cost, the amount, even if you win fabulous gains or if you register losses. Only in this way will you be able to take full advantage of each part: exercise self-control.
  • 3. Bonuses, you will enjoyWe strongly recommend that you use the bonuses offered free of charge by video poker casinos. First, they will allow you to significantly increase the amount of your winnings. Two, some video poker games will also allow you to win additional bonuses during the game. Know how to take advantage of it, taking care, of course, to read the different conditions of these promotional offers.
  • 4. Rationally, you will playThe worst mistake you can make at videopoker would be to confuse the game with the slot machines and basically bet on feeling. You should use game-specific strategies to maximize your chances. If you know how to apply them, you should be able to profit from the games of your video poker casino.

6. The lucrative “extras” – Take advantage of progressive jackpots and video poker bonuses

If you are used to playing money games, you are no doubt familiar with the concept of “progressive jackpot” as well as that of “bonus”. On the other hand, few players know that these fabulous game options also exist in video poker:

6.1. Bonus video poker: where can you find it? Let the bargain hunt begin!

The most popular bonus in video poker is the same as that of slot machines, namely “free spins” which in Canadian is called “free spins”. As the name suggests, these allow you to play without having to bet a single penny. Very interesting for players, the video poker bonus greatly increases the chances of winning: yes, the more you play, the more you bet, the higher your chances are.

If you prefer to play video poker in multi-hand mode, it will be particularly wise to use your bonus videopoker: they will allow you to considerably increase the amount of your bankroll. Thus, you can fully enjoy the advantages of the multi-hand game mode, even if you have a low starting capital. And thanks to Canadian Online Casinos, you don’t even have to go hunting for bonus video poker: we did it for you.

6.2. Progressive video poker jackpots: your winnings will skyrocket thanks to these magic jackpots!

Yes, a jackpot – progressive or not – can be won in video poker just like slot machines. Unlike slots based essentially on chance, in video poker, the jackpot is attainable if you manage to achieve the best combinations of play (a royal flush, most of the time). By choosing to play progressive video poker games, you can win several thousand euros if you manage to get the ultimate combination.

Please note, even if progressive video poker games are very advantageous, you will need to arm yourself with a substantial bankroll to play them: generally, you will have chances of winning video poker jackpots, if and only if, you bet the maximum amount . As with progressive slots, be careful to choose a game with a substantial common prize pool – like that of All American Video Poker Progressive ™ – if you want to win astronomical gains.

7. Tournaments – Do you know these essential events dedicated to online video poker?

Poker is the first casino game to be developed in tournaments: these are extremely popular with players and can also be broadcast live on TV channels for example, depending on the importance of the event . Virtual casino operators therefore had the idea of ​​developing these tournaments on many other games. So you can now participate in these kinds of events on blackjack and roulette tables, on slot machine games and of course online video poker:

7.1. How does a video poker tournament take place? As longtime experts, we tell you

Did you know that video poker tournaments in Canada can bring together thousands of participants? Prizes to be won at a staggering amount for the winners, but not only: online casinos generally offer prizes to the top ten, twenty, thirty, forty or fifty players in the ranking. To be among the best players, you will have to accumulate a certain number of points during your games. The more you win, the more you will climb the steps to the top of the 2018 video poker ranking.

7.2. Take advantage of our experience: we have listed the tips for winning a video poker tournament

To win first place in a video poker tournament – or simply to maximize your chances of winning, you will need to use a few tips:

  • 1. Keep an eye on the ranking – It is important to take into account a precious indicator, more commonly called “leaderboard”: this is the ranking of the best players in the tournament. By using this factor, you will be able to evaluate your progress during the event, and you will know what are the actions to take to achieve being in the first places of the ranking.
  • 2. Control your bankroll very precisely – You will need to have the necessary flair to vary the amount of your bets, depending on the value of your hands. So do not hesitate to increase it, if you feel the luck turning to your advantage. Conversely, be reasonable and offer lower bets if you find yourself in more delicate gaming situations.

8. The essentials – Play only the best of the best video poker: have the eye of a pro

To complete our special video poker file, the team of Best Canadian Online Casino has chosen to inspect the web, in order to find you the best video poker: ranking of virtual casinos to indulge in your favorite game and TOP suppliers not to to lack. Discover, without further ado, our selection:

8.1. Think about it: the best video poker casinos offer you a (very) wide choice of variants

Online video poker comes in a multitude of variations, each more interesting than the other. However, not all virtual gaming establishments integrate them into their toy libraries. While some offer only two or three versions of the famous game, others offer a wide range of variations.

8.2. Remember: the best video poker casino offers you the best of the best in gaming software

It is also important to know that the different game software does not all have the same rate of redistribution (rate of return to player / payout) on a poker machine casino: some are preferred, if you want to win many wins during your parties. We strongly advise you not to make this choice at random, since the different software that powers online establishments have very different advantages for players. So here is an exclusive selection – the best providers of video poker games to choose today are:

  • Rival
  • Microgaming
  • 5Dimes
  • Grand Virtual

9. The advantages – At a video poker casino, who wins the duel Vs. player house advantage?

If you’re used to going to land and virtual casinos to win, you know, no doubt, that there are games that players should prioritize. Indeed, the advantage of the casino is not the same in roulette, blackjack, slot machines or video poker. It is therefore essential to have these different data in mind:

9.1. A few figures! Great news: the video poker advantage will be totally in your favor

Ladies and gentlemen, video poker enthusiasts, we have some very good news for you! Rejoice, since online video poker is THE game with the lowest house edge among all other casino games. The figures speak for themselves, since the house advantage of a “casino poker machine” – another nickname for video poker – is only 0.4%. We are therefore far from that of penguin bandits varying between 10 and 15% or even that of roulette which peaks at 5.4%.

As you will have understood, the lower the percentage, the more your chances of winning will be maximized. If you want to discover other games with a low house edge, you can try your luck in baccarat, blackjack and craps, since they show an advantage between 1 and 1.5%.

9.2. What are the most lucrative variants to favor for video poker winnings?

If you want to win many wins by playing at a video poker casino, we strongly advise you to choose a variant with an advantageous payout rate. For example, the Jacks or Better version, which is the most common in online casinos, is the one with the best payout rate (RTP up to 99.5%). Joker Poker and Deuces Wild (RTP up to 98.91%) are also very interesting variants for players.

10. Profiles – Quiz: in the video poker game, what type of players are you or will you be?

Over the years, we have met many fans of the video poker game. By interacting with them, we quickly found that their profiles were very different from each other. It is for this reason that we had the idea to develop this subject: in which portrait of video poker player will you recognize yourself?

  • The “careful”It is important to remember that the video poker game has very low betting limits. Thus, players who prefer to bet only small sums of money, or those who do not have a large capital, were quickly seduced by this game of chance: this kind of bettors represents 70% of video players poker.
  • The “poker fan”The star game is strongly inspired by the rules of poker and attracts, of course, enthusiasts of this discipline. For the latter, there are two scenarios: poker players who wish to prolong their passion, by playing on a completely different game; fans of the rules of poker preferring the simplicity of those of this version.
  • The “fanatic” of strong emotionsYou have to have a firm heart to play video poker, a game of chance. Some players love this feeling of adrenaline and will not hesitate to increase the amount of their bets to play with their nerves and enjoy always more suspense.
  • The lucky “These players often attract the wrath of regulars of gambling. Although they are novices, they seem to attract fortune like a magnet and will be able to succeed the prodigy of counting a royal flush on the first try. However, they must take care to leave the game at the right time to leave with their precious winnings and above all not unconsciously put them back into play.
  • The “regular”Very methodical and a fine connoisseur of the game, this kind of player prefers to calculate many statistics and multiple percentages, in order to know when the game bet big and win juicy sums of money. These are, most often, the players who win the most money in video poker. So you understand better why it is important to master the game from A to Z before venturing into it: here is the whole point of this special file.

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